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Health Brief

 A No-Fat Diet is NOT Good For Your Health!

Contrary to popular opinion, a no-fat diet is not good for your health. Your body needs good dietary fats or Omega-3 fatty acids to help everything from pain and inflammation to proper mood and heart function.

What is so special about these essential fats? They insulate every cell in your body, like the insulation on a phone wire, and allow your cells to clearly talk to each other. Bad fats create a type of “cell static” that distorts the cell’s vital signals.

Ultimately, this cellular miscommunication leads to a variety of health diseases.
Simply taking two tablespoons of flax seed, ¼ cup walnuts or 4 ounces of fresh wild salmon or tuna are great ways to get essential fats and improve your overall health. For those who have dietary or calorie restrictions, liquid or capsulated forms of flax seed, walnut or tuna oil are excellent alternatives. So do your body a favor and get your daily dose of essential fatty acids!

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