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Verify Your Insurance

5 KEY Questions to Verify Your Out-Of-Network Insurance Coverage.

  1. Do I have Out-of-Network CHIROPRACTIC Benefits?
  2. What is my annual out-of-network chiropractic deductible?
  3. How many visits are authorized per year?
  4. What is my co-insurance (Co-Payment are NOT accepted)?
      • 80% co-insurance means your insurance company would cover 80% of the office visit fee
      • You would be responsible for 20% -once your deductible is met
  5. Is my reimbursement based on the reasonable and customary rates for Putnam County or an Internal Fee Schedule ?
  • Internal Fee Schedules reimburse at a much lower rate and pay down the deductible at a much lower rate
  • Companies like GHI, Oxford, MPN, Multi-Plan, Magnacare, Empire often use Internal Pre-Set Fee Schedules

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