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Here are 7 important things to look for
when choosing a chiropractor:

-Dr. Jodi Kennedy’s Hassle Free Guarantee!

  1. You should insist that they will listen to all of your questions, comments & concerns and respond to you in a timely fashion

    Dr. Jodi Kennedy truly values the opinions of her patients. Their comments help her to deliver the best service possible. That is why she personally responds to any questions or concerns in 19 hours or less.

  2. You should insist that they are fully credentialed with years of medical experience.

    You can rest-assured that you are in good hands. Dr. Kennedy graduated with Magna Cum Laude honors from New York Chiropractic College in 2001. Over the last decade, she has successfully treated hundreds of patients from the ages of 2-92 to live better naturally. Her dedication and compassion has fostered a loyal strong following.

  3. You should insist that your chiropractor treats your whole body-not just your spine.

    Dr. Jodi Kennedy guarantees that she will assess your whole body to get the ultimate root of your problem. She understands the intricate inter-connections between the various parts of your body. You can rest assured that your treatment will be thorough and customized to fit your body’s needs.

  4. You should insist that your doctor provide a free-consultation in order to determine if they can successfully treat you

    Dr. Jodi Kennedy guarantees she will provide you with a free 20 minute assessment to ascertain what your body specifically needs to start feeling and functioning better.

  5. You should insist that your chiropractor offers you the highest quality treatment available

    Dr. Jodi Kennedy guarantees that will use a personalized, holistic approach to help you feel better. She is committed to helping you to achieve your highest potential. She will create a safe and effective treatment plan to match your specific goals and medical history.

  6. You should insist that your chiropractor educates you on prevention and maintenance.

    Dr. Kennedy guarantees that that she will teach you how to improve your health. She is committed to helping her patients develop a home-care program that is effective for them. Dr. Kennedy instructs her patients on what they need to do physically, emotionally and nutritionally at home to get well and stay well.

  7. You should insist on a doctor that is warm and caring

    Dr. Jodi Kennedy always greets her patients with a big smile. You will instantly feel at home because you know that she is genuinely happy to see you. When you meet her you will know what we mean!