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Mahopac Residents Rave about Integrity Chiropractic

What Our Patients Say…

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Integrity Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

Yours in Health,
Dr. Jodi Kennedy

  • Dr Jodi is simply amazing! Although I know I have probably caused most of my own health problems she didn’t focus on that but she shifted me right to the solution.
    -Vasha N.
  • Fascinating! Wonderful attention and concern in an unhurried manner.
    -Irene H.
  • Very kind. Very glad I found Dr. Kennedy.
    -Shelia H
  • I thought Dr. Kennedy was very thorough and knowledgable. I also felt she listened very well.
    -Leslie B.
  • I really enjoyed the visit and appreciate the care you took in listening, explaining and working with me.
    -Jane I.
  • As an RN this is my first experience in being treated by this profession. It is a process and I feel totally safe in Dr. Jody Kennedy’s care.
    -Kathleen S.
  • Amazing! Highly recommend can’t wait to go back!
    -Pete W.
  • It was a great visit and I look forward to feeling better and sharing my experience with others so they can feel better too!
    -Julianne G.
  • I had a great first experience with Dr Kennedy and look forward to working with her to get my body feeling better.
    -Lauren D.
  • Dr. Kennedy explained everything she did and the reason for it. I continue to be very impressed with Dr. Kennedy and feel very positive bout continuing my treatment with her
    -Joan H.
  • I walked out of my first appointment amazed! I felt a complete range of motion with no pain in my neck or lower back!
    -Kris P.
  • Dr. Kennedy is very caring and certainly will do her best that the patient will become pain free. She explains everything in a very detailed manner. She is very calming and I look forward to go back.
    -Gail P.
  • My first appointment was great. I’m confident that Dr. Kennedy will help me with my back problem. She is so knowledgeable.
    -Monika R.
  • I was amazed at the knowledge and care Dr Kennedy provided. I am very pleased with my first visit and look forward to seeing more positive results.
    -Colleen O.
  • I’m excited to finally have answers to decades-old questions and confident that with Dr Kennedy’s expertise, knowledge and guidance I can correct lifelong health concerns.
    -Helena A.
  • I was impressed by Dr. Kennedy’s complete knowledge of the inner workings of the body. Maybe now, after 50 years in pain, I can see an end to some of the discomfort.
    -John T.
  • Dr. Kennedy was excellent. Thorough exam, never felt rushed. I felt better right away. Best chiropractic experience I ever had.
    -Kim L.
  • I feel confident I’m on a path of healing my whole self. I’m very excited for this journey with Dr. Kennedy.
    -Kelly G.
  •  Dr. Kennedy is very knowledgeable, and thorough with her explanations.
    - Ed G.
  • This was amazing experience. Thank you
    -Shirley K.
  • I’ve seen other chiropractors who practice applied kinesiology and while they all share the same principles, I must say the Dr. Kennedy was the most thorough and spent a huge amount of time with me. I’m extremely satisfied with my first visit and look forward to returning.
    -Joan D.
  • Dr. Jodi was very informative, listened well, and was very kind. I am excited to begin my treatment, and I know she will help my problems and help me achieve the wellness goals I am looking for.
    -Marysa M.
  • Dr. Kennedy was swift and efficient in determining my problems. I am thrilled to have met her and have full faith that I will improve.
    -MJ B.
  • I’m hopeful to get my health back and for my family.
    -Raquel S.

I Have Peace of Mind

After several weeks of seeing different specialists with no confirmed diagnosis, Dr. Kennedy was able to uncover the root cause of my daughter's condition in just one visit. I feel very hopeful that Dr. Kennedy will address the underlying issues of my daughter's condition and not just treat the symptoms. Under Dr. Kennedy's care, I have peace of mind that my daughter is finally on a path to healing.

- Lauen C.

Dr. Kennedy is amazing!

I left her office feeling amazing and well informed. Her knowledge of the body and holistic practices were encouraging. I slept better than I did in 4 weeks after just one visit. I had no range of motion in my neck and after my first visit had full range of motion. Thank you so much Dr. Kennedy and may the Lord continue to bless you and your family.

- Monique F.

I Feel Very Comfortable

It was very nice to meet you Dr. Kennedy. You are very sweet and kind and eager to help me. I feel very comfortable with you and I know you will do what you can to make me feel better! Kathy also thank you for your help also and it was very nice to meet you too. I hope Kathy is with a K and not a C but I will get it right the next visit for sure. Again, Dr. Kennedy thank you and I am looking forward to our next visit. All the best and have a nice weekend with your beautiful family.

- Debi M.

Best Thing I Could Have Done!

I went to see Dr. Kennedy yesterday for an initial evaluation of my back/hip pain and severe muscle spasms, which impacted my daily activities. As a Registered Nurse, I am no stranger to back aches and have done PT in the past. However, I was recommended by a friend to try going to a Chiropractor. It was the best thing I could have done! I walked into the office like the letter S-my gait off to compensate for the pain. Dr. Kennedy did a very through job examining me and worked her magic! I walked out with minimal discomfort and no further spasms. I've been doing the exercises she prescribed and look forward to my next visit this week! I am on the road to recovery!

- Mary G.

Hopeful and Excited

I am very hopeful and excited about the practice. I am concerned about the cost, which is quite high, but hopeful that the extensive education and home exercises provided will have enough benefit to offset the costs.

- Ann H.

Intrigued and Interested

I am very intrigued and interested in the applied kinesiology aspect of the treatment program. I find it fascinating how the body responds and look forward to additional testing.

- Lorraine R.

Very Friendly and Knowledgeable

First session and treatment plan are very different than I've ever experienced. I expect to get better sooner and more completely than with any other medical treatment to date.

- Luis G.

Kinda And Helpful

Dr. Jodi is always so kind and helpful. In just 2 visits my consuming back pain was relieved simply by my following her plan for me. She takes such great care of her patients. I look forward to my weekly visits to learn more about my body.

- Teresa L.

All It Took Was One Visit

After my first visit, I had been relieved of my low back pain which I had been suffering with for months and I was certain with Dr. Kennedy's level of expertise and gentle touch I was on the road to healing my body both physically and emotionally.

- Lisa P.

I Feel So Much Better After My First Treatment

I am very excited to start my treatment; the examination was so very extensive and Dr. Kennedy took the time to really explain the treatment plan to me; I feel so much better after my first treatment.

- Diane M.

Body Aware!

I love the fact that Dr. Jodi: (1) provides a comprehensive overview of how the body as a whole is operating - meaning is everything working together / supporting each other's process; (2) muscle tests prior to introducing supplements into my diet and (3) provides a "cheat sheet" that not only details how much and when to take a supplement but why I am taking that particular supplement. Under her care, not only do I feel better, I am more "body aware". It's truly refreshing to have a comprehensive doctor's visit. I just wish the healthcare industry saw the importance of this level of caring for recovery and preventative care.

- Maureen J.

Love The Holistic Approach!

Initial appointment was extremely thorough. I felt I was being closely listened to and my symptoms, although I could not necessarily articulate them as well as I would have liked, were paid attention to and never dismissed. Love the holistic approach!

- Joan P.

I Feel Younger, Limber And More Connected To My Body

Hello. My name is Lina. I am a 54-year-old female. I suffer from low back pain and a condition called metatorsalgia where the fat pad on the bottom of your foot wears out. The pain from my foot limited how much driving I could comfortably do and the discomfort from my back pain decreased how long I could tolerably stand. I thought these problems came with age and I just accepted that I would have to live with them.More from Lina…»

Lucky for me, I knew someone who personally benefited from Dr. Kennedy's care. She told me I should give her a call. I am so glad I did. Even though I came pain in for my back and foot, Dr. Kennedy assessed and treated me head to toe, literally, with reflexology, massage, nutritional counseling and of course adjusting. After several sessions, I felt much more comfortable when I drove or stood for long periods of time. Now I no longer feel a strain when I clean. Overall, I feel more balanced, limber, coordinated and connected to my body. I guess you could say I feel like a new woman thanks to Dr. Kennedy.

Lina B.

Running the Extra Mile

Hey there. My name is Rich. I am 54 years old and an avid runner. I started seeing Dr. Kennedy for a nagging pain in between my shoulder blades. After a few visits, a funny thing started to happen, I was able to run a half marathon without my legs getting tired! Not only that but after she recommends wheat germ oil for my spine, I no longer have pain in my knees when I run and my pelvis feels looser. How about that?More from Richard…»

Dr. Kennedy said that can happen because her treatments are designed to remove whatever chemical, physical, or emotional stress is irritating my nervous system. She said that everything is connected and that when you balance your nervous system your whole body feels better because it functions better. I like the way Dr. Kennedy treats because she has a lot of tools in her box to try to get to the root of the problem. If all you have is a hammer, then you look at everyone as a nail.

Richard B.

The Root of the Problem….Stress

Hello. My name is Fran. I am a 49-year-old woman. I have been coping with a lot of stress and general pain and tightness in my neck, shoulders, and left arm. My sister suggested that I should see Dr. Kennedy because she had been helped so much by her. It was remarkable, after a few visits I no longer felt the shooting pain down my arm when I reached to close the binds. Even though I was very happy with these results, Dr. Kennedy was not completely satisfied because she had to keep treating the same things on each visit which told her the root of my problem was stemming from somewhere else.More from Fran…»

Knowing that I have trouble relaxing, she tested to see if my body needed adrenal support before treating me. By just tasting the supplement the power to the muscles in my foot and leg increased, and there was no longer any nerve irritation when I breathed out from abnormal motion in my skull (I did not know this until recently but the skull bones move when you breathe just like your ribs). As before, Dr. Kennedy gave me the specific adjustments I needed to balance my nervous system but this time she sent me home with the exact nutrition my body needed so that it would stay balanced. Amazing don't you think?

Fran D.

Relief in just 3 treatments
…a 67 year old female's story

Hello. My name is Edie F. I am a 67-year-old female. My experience with chiropractic has been remarkable. Last month I had a serious slip and fall injury. I tripped on a rug and fell, landing on my right hip and back, hitting my head in the process. I immediately experienced a severe, shooting pain along my hip crease. Walking up and down the stairs was torture. I was in such agony that I had to take 1, 200 mg of Advil a day just to get by. I am a very active person but was unable to do even simple things because any little movement would aggravate my injury. I saw my medical doctor and he sent me for an MRI of my hip which came back normal-negative for a fracture that is.More from Edie…»

Well, I was just beside myself when I came to meet Dr. Jodi Kennedy. She told me she had a lot of experience with this sort of problem. When I came to see her, she wanted to know all sorts of things about me…like my medical history of breast cancer, osteopenia, and high cholesterol so that she could develop the treatment plan that is right for me. Dr. Kennedy listened to my blood pressure and did all sorts of orthopedic and neurologic testing to come to the root of my problem. She said that I had pulled the muscles and ligaments along my right hip crease during the fall and that to treat it, we would have to work as a team. She showed me how the nerves in my back control the muscle in the front of my leg and how when the nerves are irritated by a spinal or pelvic misalignment, this can keep my hip crease tight and painful. She showed me stretches to do at home so that I would heal faster and made me aware of how my poor posture was keeping me injured longer. She even looked into my diet and helped me to remove foods like white flour and sugar that were keeping me in pain.

After the first treatment, I felt tremendous relief and was able to move around easier for a couple of hours but then I started to feel sore again. Dr. Kennedy said this was to be expected as it would take time to decrease my spinal nerve irritation, which I was told was the source of my hip tightness. After the second treatment, my pain decreased from severe to a moderate level. After the third treatment, I felt like a new woman. My pain decreased to a mild intensity without pain medication and I was able to go up and down stairs comfortably again. Dr. Kennedy has truly helped me to restore my quality of life. Thank you, Dr. Kennedy!

Edie F.

Sciatic Relieved by Simple Stretches
…an older woman's story

Hi there. My Name is Jean. I am an active older female. Unfortunately, I developed shooting pain that travelled from my butt down my leg. Sitting really seemed to bother it. The pain was very uncomfortable and the way it limited me was frustrating. Lucky for me, I met Dr. Kennedy. She was kind enough to show me some easy exercises to stretch my buttock area. After a few days of stretching, my pain was completely gone. I am forever grateful to Dr. Kennedy for the help she has given me.

Jean B.

Low Back Surgery Avoided

Hi there. My Name is Brian. I have been plagued by frequent moderate headaches and even occasional migraines if the headaches were not enough. On top of that, I've suffered from constant low back pain for years. My back would throb by the end of a long day of standing and feel so compressed. To manage I would have to take three extra strength Motrin three times a day! I've been to see other chiropractors in the past but they were never able to help. I was starting to think that surgery was my only option left, as discouraging as the thought was.More from Brian …»

But Dr. Kennedy is not like most other doctors. She treated more than just my spine! She looked into my diet, and checked how well my cranial bones were moving when I breathed and did something called reflexology where she treated different reflex points on my head and body to help me heal and it did! Within a couple visits my headaches were completely gone and have not come back. My low back pain has slowly but surely improved over the last 5 months. I no longer have to live on pain meds because I only experience a mild ache from time to time nowadays. My body feels more relaxed and I am able to do the things I love again like golf!

Brian H.

If you think that you or a loved one is a good candidate for chiropractic care, contact Integrity Chiropractic to arrange a thorough examination in our practice.